Becoming a Parent Volunteer

Steps to becoming a Volunteer at Hart High School 
Category 1 Volunteers are single-event or short-term volunteers who do not supervise students without a certificated employee present. Examples of category 1 Volunteer duties are: helping with student registration, newsletter, PAC luncheons, one-day field trip under the direct supervision of a certificated employee, and promotion/graduation activities. Fingerprinting is NOT required for Category 1 Volunteers. Please reach out to Adriana De Fazio at [email protected] for category 1 clearance. 
A Category 2 Volunteer is any volunteer, chaperone, volunteer driver, unpaid coach/advisor or a District/ASB/Booster paid Coach/Advisor. Please follow the steps to be cleared as a Category 2 volunteer. 
1. Print and complete the applicable packet attached below:
 Chaperone: Category 2 Volunteer Packet 
2. Complete the Safe Schools Training courses (all expire annually on June 30th):
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect
Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention
Severe Bleeding Response 
Cybersecurity Awareness 
Title IX Compliance Overview
No password is required but you must request a login from Hart Administration. Contact Adriana DeFazio   [email protected] to obtain a log-in for the Safe School Training courses. Here is the link for these courses:
3. Complete TB test: You must include the results with your completed paperwork. You can obtain the test from anywhere you choose. 
4. Bring the completed Volunteer packet back to the Assistant Principal’s (AP) office or email paperwork to [email protected] for a signed approval and to receive the REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN SERVICE form that must be taken to CALIFORNIA FINGERPRINTING AUTHORITY (address and map attached to this form) for fingerprinting. The fee is $70. You are responsible for paying this fee to the agency. If the program you are volunteering for is paying the $70 fee, please take the $70 receipt to the booster club directly for reimbursement. The AP office will send the original packet to the District Office.
5. After Live Scan is complete, the agency will notify Human Resources at the District Office. Applicants must send a headshot of themselves in one of the following formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, pcx, tif to [email protected] for an ID badge.
VOLUNTEER DRIVERS: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver you must be a cleared volunteer. Please fill out the volunteer packet and request additional paperwork from [email protected]



If you have any questions please contact Adriana DeFazio [email protected]

Updated 8/15/23