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Mascot Information

Hello Hart High School Family,


As you are likely aware, a concern has been shared by members of our community regarding the appropriateness of the Hart High School Indian Mascot. Our Governing Board has determined to consider this issue thoughtfully and respectfully. They have committed to providing multiple opportunities for members of our community to share their input and ideas.


On April 26 we held a Community Forum on this topic. Participants were invited to share their thoughts on the question of the appropriateness of the Hart High School Mascot. We moderated this public forum to ensure we provide ample opportunity for respectful dialogue about this important issue. To ensure we hear from as many people as possible, we limited verbal comments to 90 seconds for each participant. We welcome honest feedback, but will not tolerate personal attacks or offensive language.


The written "Keep"/"Change" records linked below will serve as additional feedback for the Governing Board to consider.


  • June 6, 2020 - Receive petition for mascot change
  • June 2020 - Hart High School Principal Jason d'Autremont reaches out to Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians President Rudy Ortega, Jr. 
  • July 2020 - Virtual Meeting between Tataviam and Hart District
  • July 2020 - Tataviam visit to Hart High School
  • July 2020 - Hart District visits Tataviam Offices
  • February 2021 - Governing Board Study Session (link below)
  • February 2021 - President Ortega speaks at Governing Board Meeting (link below)
  • March 2021 - Hart High School Student and Staff Surveys
  • April 2021 - Community Forum (link below) 
  • April 2021 - Opportunity for community members to submit comments to Governing Board (responses below)
  • July 2021 - Hart District Board votes on removing the Indian mascot 4-1
  • February 2022 - Mural competition started
  • August 2022 - Hart Student Section removed "The Tribe" as its name
  • March 2023 - Mural Dedication on campus and Mascot Nomination form released
  • November 2023 - Mascot nominations compiled and mascot committee formed
  • December 2023 - Mascot committee narrowed nominations and sent forward Hawks, Bison and Trailblazers to the Hart High School Associated Student Government (ASB) who then voted on these options.
  • January 2024 - The ASB vote was overwhelmingly for the Hawk.  The mascot committee decided to put forward, for a school-wide vote the Hawk against just Hart. 
  • February 2024 - Mascot committee decided to keep the current Hart logo and artwork in place with the 'H' and feathers as both options, the Hawk or just Hart, would allow for the school to keep the history in tact with the ability to add a new logo/mascot at a later date if needed.
  • March 2024 - After further discussion with school board members, it was decided to have the runner-up, The Bison, as an actual choice for a mascot to be voted upon against The Hawk for a school-wide vote.

Thank you,

Jason d'Autremont, Principal