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Seniors: Enrolling into COC and the First Year Promise

Seniors who participate in CAP will be supported as they complete the new student steps and transition to COC, and will also earn an early registration date for fall and be ready to apply to First-Year Promise Program when it opens on April 1.


Helpful tips and information to assist your seniors:


We’ve made a few changes to our new student steps, especially with assessment.  www.canyons.edu/newstudent

¨ Apply to College of the Canyons

o   Can only be done online.

o   Students who want to take summer classes will need to complete a summer application AND fall application.

¨ Apply for Financial Aid

o   We are encouraging all students to complete a FAFSA/Dream Act.

o   We are holding FAFSA/Dream Act Application Labs throughout the month and in April on the Valencia campus.  Flyer attached.

¨ Complete Assessment & Advisement

o   Assessment has changed!  It is no longer a test and students do not need to prepare for it.

Students will be reporting the below to help place them in the appropriate transfer level English and math courses:

  • Overall weighted GPA (report as of fall 2018)
  • 12th grade English and grade (report as of fall 2018)
  • Highest level math (50% or more completed with C or higher) and grade – This may not necessarily be the last math class they’ve take and grade
  • SAT-ACT scores if posted and applicable (no PSAT)

o   There is no need to submit CAASPP scores: Standard Exceeded or Standard Met with ERWC grades because ALL students will be placed into transfer level ENG101.

o   Students with AP Exam scores of 3 or higher in Language and/or Literature and Calculus AB/BC should submit their official transcripts with the scores.  Students will receive college credit and will be made eligible for the appropriate next level.

o   View the new sequence chart.

¨ Complete Online Orientation


Don’t forget to have your student’s apply to the First-Year Promise Program – www.canyons.edu/fyp

¨ First-time, full-time students are eligible (if they participated in College NOW they can still apply)

¨ Required to attend a summer counseling workshop and Welcome Day

¨ Required to be full-time in fall and spring (12+ units) – enroll in English, math, a critical thinking course, counseling 110 or 150 (in the fall), and other GE/major courses on educational plan

¨ Required to complete the above new student steps, including financial aid.  All students should apply regardless of EFC!

¨ Students can apply between April 1 – April 30

¨ Flyer attached.  You should also have FYP flyers that were delivered last week.


Information for CAP:

  • All students must submit a fall application, even if they’ve taken a COC course before. As graduates, they need to indicate “received a diploma” under the high school history section. 
  • Students who choose to complete the application on their own must do so by March 19 if participating in the field trip. This allows enough time for the application to be processed and for my team to confirm everyone on the roster has a COC ID number and current application on file.
  • On the field trip day, students must bring a photo ID and a copy of their unofficial transcripts that will be used for assessment.  I may ask Lisa to print the transcripts as the field trip slips come in to ensure we have the information.