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AP Central (Advanced Placement and Honors) » AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C

AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C

Course Overview

AP Physics 1 is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. Students cultivate their understanding of physics through classroom study, in-class activity, and hands-on, inquiry-based laboratory work as they explore concepts like systems, fields, force interactions, change, conservation, and waves.

AP Physics 1 (Algebra Based)
Completion of Geometry or H Geometry (A or B recommended)
Course Description:
AP Physics 1 includes all of the big ideas from the CollegeBoard course description. The topics covered in this course include kinematics, dynamics, conservation laws, circular motion & gravitation, rotation, simple harmonic motion, waves, electrostatics, and simple DC circuits. Generally, 25% of the grade is based on lab calculations and reports, 15% is based on class activities and homework, and the remaining portion of the grade for quizzes and exams. Exams are at AP level difficulty and are curved appropriately. Test retakes are encouraged after studying and the higher of the two scores is accepted.
Time Commitment:
Depending on the student, expect to spend 1-3 hours of studying and problem solving outside of class per week.
Two teachers generally teach this course: Ms. Smith and Mr. Gravel
Summer Work: Algebra Review
AP Physics C (Calculus based)
Completion of AP Physics 1 and concurrent enrollment in Pre-calculus, H Pre-calculus, or higher math
Course Description:
AP Physics C includes all of the big ideas from the CollegeBoard course description for both the Mechanics, and the Electricity and Magnetism courses. Topics include all of the topics from AP Physics 1 revisited with calculus included in addition to electrostatics with Gauss's law; conductors, capacitors and dielectrics; electric circuits; magnetic fields; and electromagnetism. Generally, 50% of the grade is based on exams, 30% is based on lab calculation and reports, and 20% is based on homework problem solving.
Time Commitment:
Depending on the student the time spent on AP Physics C homework and projects is 3-4 hours per week.
Mr. Gravel teaches this course.
No summer work