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Parent Newsletter - Spring 2019 » Health Office Information

Health Office Information

We all know that there is never a good time for illness. Sometimes students are already in class when they realize they don’t feel good enough to continue. That’s when parents get the text messages saying, “I’m sick and I think I need to go home.”

There is no perfect way to help them feel better, but we can offer you the perfect reply to the calls and texts:
“I’m sorry. Let your teacher know you need to go to the health office.”
Once there, we will give your child the chance to call you. This way your child won’t be marked with unexcused absences, and you won’t need to remember to call in to clear the absence.

When illness strikes, the health office is the place to go. This way attendance records are accurate from the start. When you’re sick the last thing you need is another headache.