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Parent Newsletter - Spring 2019 » Important Information from the Attendance Office

Important Information from the Attendance Office

If a student must leave campus during the school day, an off-campus pass must be obtained from the Attendance office to have a class absence cleared and to avoid a truancy.  Off-campus passes may be arranged ahead of time with a phone call or note from a parent or guardian.  For more details, please call the Attendance office.


Off-campus passes should be arranged ahead of time, if possible.  A student may pick up a pre-arranged off-campus pass in the Attendance office before school, or during brunch and lunch.  The off-campus pass will allow the student to be released from class and leave out the front gate.  Remember, if a student doesn’t have an off-campus pass, the absence cannot be cleared and will become a truancy.


In addition, 11th and 12th grade students who have off-campus privileges may leave campus at lunchtime with their ID’s.  If the student cannot return to campus to attend afternoon classes, please call to clear the absence.  A note brought in the next day can also clear the absence.  Also, all 9th and 10th grade students must be signed out during the lunch hour.  Please contact the Attendance office for details.


Please make sure all absences are cleared through the attendance office.  If an absence is not cleared by a parent or guardian within 10 school days it will become a truancy.  Call the attendance office or write a note that the student can bring to the attendance office the day he or she returns to school.