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Parent Newsletter - Spring 2019 » A Message from the Physical Education Department

A Message from the Physical Education Department

Parent Newsletter – Fitness Testing

Physical Education - News that Moves

Spring marks the time when we perform state fitness testing with all of our 9th grade students.  All 9th graders will be tested through their PE classes.  Athletes and performing groups who are not enrolled in regular PE will be tested during two Late Start Wednesday time slots.  The tests consist of the following measurements:  Height, Weight (used to calculate body composition), the mile run, 3 ½ minute abdominal curl, 3 ½ minute push up, flexibility and trunk lift. 


All classes will be working on these fitness components throughout the year so we are anticipating strong scores.


The results of the fitness tests come back to us by the end of the school year.  Each student needs to pass 5 of the 6 tests in order to pass the test as a whole.  The data we receive helps us determine our focus in fitness practice for the following year. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Hart P.E. Department