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  1. Students shall maintain a satisfactory citizenship record. Unsatisfactory citizenship may result in the denial of the privilege of participation in the graduation ceremony.
  2. Five credits will be given for each semester subject satisfactorily completed; the full number of credits may be granted to a student who satisfactorily completes the requirements for each course in less than the prescribed time. Fewer than five credits may be earned in variable credit courses. Any variation from this must be done on an individual basis and have prior approval of the High School principal.
    1. No student shall receive a diploma if the District competency requirements in basic skills have not been met. California Senate Bill 1354 states that beginning with the Class of 2004, completion of a course in Algebra is a requirement for high school graduation.
    2. Any student who has failed to meet all graduation requirements shall not participate in the graduation ceremony.
  3. Students shall complete a minimum of 220 credits. Credits earned in the summer session immediately prior to September of the ninth grade year will be counted if the student was a middle school graduate the previous semester.

    Students will meet the graduation requirements for their class at the time their original (entering) class graduates. Under normal circumstances the original class is defined as that ninth grade class the student was a part of when he/she entered High School.

  4. Any student enrolling in a high school in the Hart District from another district must be enrolled in five classes and pass a minimum of 20 units of credit in order to graduate from a Hart District high school, regardless of the number of credits transferred from another school.
  5. Students shall obtain credits as follows:
    1. English - 40 credits, grades 9 - 12
    2. Social Studies - 30 credits
      1. Grade 10 - Modern Civilization - 10 credits
      2. Grade 11 - U. S. History - 10 credits
      3. Grade 12 - American Government and Economics - 10 credits
    3. Science - 20 credits, 10 credits Physical Science and 10 credits Biological Science, grades 9 - 12
    4. Mathematics - 30 credits (including completion of algebra), grades 9 -12
    5. Health - 2.5 credits, grades 9 - 12

      Requirements for instruction in first aid, fire prevention, public safety, accident prevention, alcohol/narcotics, and communicable diseases (including venereal diseases) are met in this course.

    6. Fine Arts - 10 credits, grades 9 - 12, or Foreign Language - 10 credits and Fine Arts - 5 credits, grades 9 - 12.
    7. Practical Arts - 5 credits, chosen from the following areas:
      1. Home Economics
      2. Industrial Education
      3. Business Education
      4. ROP programs
    8. Physical Education - 20 credits

      Students shall be enrolled in Physical Education during each semester of attendance of the ninth grade and an additional two semesters in grade 10, 11, or 12.

  6. Any variation from the specific courses required for graduation by the Education Code must have the approval of the building principal.
  7. Any course taken with the Wm. S. Hart Union High School District and used to meet a subject matter requirement as specified in these regulations must be approved by the Board of Trustees and appear in the adopted Master Course Directory.
  8. All students shall be required to attend High School for a minimum of eight full semesters, grades 9-12, excluding summer school. Waivers may be granted under the provisions of Administrative Regulation 5127.1 - Early Graduation.