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Attendance » Change of Address Update

Change of Address Update

Change of Address Update

If you are moving, please use the attached Change of Address form and provide Proof of Residency.


The following documents meet the requirements to establish residency—at least one document from each section below or two documents from “B”


Section A) 

  • California Driver’s License/ID Card and vehicle registration showing the new address, or

  • A phone bill, or

  • Personal checks or bank statement with the new address imprinted, or

  • Letter from the property owner or manager of the residence, or a lease/rental agreement stating that you are in residence with your child, or

  • A letter (Affidavit of Residency) from an adult with whom you reside (who can also prove residency by these requirements) or

  • Copy of W-2 form from your employer with the new address, or

  • Insurance documents with the new address, or

  • Cancelled checks written for house payments/lease/rent, or

  • Piece of mail forwarded from your old address to your new address.


** AND **


Section B) 

  • Two additional utility bills, (bring two original utility bills or proof of connection with the name and address of parent/guardian to verify residence) - or -

  • Business/official mail (i.e., Welfare, Social Security, FEMA, IRS, California State Franchise Tax Board, credit card or medical bills, divorce papers, custody papers, subpoenas, restraining orders, traffic tickets), or

  • House insurance, property tax bill, or

  • Escrow papers (within 30 days of closing), or

  • Legal document from a law enforcement agency or court.