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Club List 2018 – 2019
*Students should check with Club Advisor for any changes to locations and times*

Academic Decathlon                                     Ms. Perez: Q-9, Meets Wednesdays @ lunch
Students involved in Academic Decathlon prepare with their teammates for the Academic Decathlon competition. Areas of competition include: Literature, Art, Music, Economics, Mathematics, Science, and History, all focused on a central theme. The 2018-19 theme is the 1960’s. Students also prepare a Speech, write an Essay, participate in an interview, and complete in the exciting SuperQuiz, a Jeopardy-game style match.
Animal Rights Club                                       Mrs. Rios: F-42, Meets Fridays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Art Club                                                         Mr. Brusca: M-6, Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ lunch
A space where students can come together and discuss, exhibit, practice, and/or get feedback about their art, as well as express their passion for art.
ASL Club                                                        Mr. Archer: D-7, Meets Wednesdays @ lunch
The ASL Club is a forum where students can share common interest, practice the art of signing, and improve their language and communication skills while enjoying interactive group activities, dialogues, collaborative projects, games, films & Videos, storytelling, and events that relate to American Sign Language and the Deaf Culture in America.
Auto Club                                                       Mr. Lane: Q-1, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
This club is for students who have an interest in cars and how they work. Their goals this year are to teach new members to change tires and do oil changes. Fundraisers include car washes and working on vehicles.
Bible Club                                                       Crawford: M-8, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Breakfast for the Soul                                   Mrs. Schlesinger: C-2, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Comics, Gaming and Animation Club         Mr. Brusca: M-6, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Chess Club                                                     Mr. Borish: J-3, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
This club meets to play friendly games of chess and discuss strategy.  New players are always welcome.
Club Spectrum                                               Mr. Koebel: D-2, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
DFY-It                                                              Ms. Gibbs: J-5, TBD
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Equestrian                                                      Mrs. Martin: Small Gym
The Hart Equestrian Club participates in four regional and national amateur equestrian sports competitions a year at Hansen Dam. Riders must supply their own horse, have a trainer, and be familiar with dressage and/or Hunter/Jumper events and courses.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes                  Mrs. Bae: S-1, Meets Wednesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Film Club                                                         Mr. Howard: F-11, Meets Fridays @ lunch
Film Club is a weekly gathering of young filmmakers and filming enthusiast who will get together to produce, write, and film several types of short films for discussion and critique. All aspects of film production will be discussed, learned and utilized with hands on filming and editing; from pre to post production.
French Club                                                     Ms. Perez: Q-9, Meets 1st and 3rd Fridays @ lunch
French Club is for those who love the French language and Francophone culture! Here students will meet to practice their French, as well as organize group outings and activities. Vive la France!
Friends of Hart Library                                   Mrs. Driggs: Library, TBD
Share “Good Reads” – Discuss titles for upcoming purchases – Seek help in using library resources (databases), MLA citations, Practice PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP tests (FREE), College Search, Fundraising and more.
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)       Mr. Walker: J-6, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
The FBLA strives to bring business and education together through leadership and career development. 
Girls Who Code                                                Ms. Armour: M-5, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Gender Sexuality Alliance Ms. Storaker: Auditorium Lobby, Meets Tues. & Thurs. @ lunch
The Gay- Straight Alliance promotes equality, as well as a safe environment for all. GSA members work on putting together special events like the Aids walk and the Day of Silence.
Hart Print and Screen Club                              Mr. Lindberg: Q-4, Meets various dates and times
This club meets to help students further their graphic design and printing skills and to give them opportunities to learn more about careers in graphic communications. This club meets at lunch and after school on selected days.
Hart Surf Club                                                   Mr. Archer: D-7, Meets Wednesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Improv                                                                Ms. Magon: P-2, Meets Wednesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Inklings Writing Club                                        Ms. Mohsen: C-3, Meets Fridays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Key Club                                                            Ms. Groscost: F-32, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
A service organization that volunteers throughout the community; most activities are on the weekends.
Meme Club                                                         Mr. Phelps: S-4, Meets Thursday @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Minecraft Club                                                    Mrs. Rios: F-42, Thursdays @ lunch
This club meets weekly to explore everything about Minecraft.
My Little Pony                                                    Mrs. Soares: Q-17, Meets Fridays @ lunch
MLP meets weekly and enjoys games, service projects, and even potlucks to celebrate the spirit of kindness, caring and friendship.
Mythology Club                                                 Ms. Khalil: K-1, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Orchestra                                                           Mr. Hertzog: E-2, Meets Mondays @ lunch
This club is for students that play an orchestral instrument and want to share the joy of music with their peers.
Ping Pong League                                             Mr. Vincent: P-3, Meets Fridays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Project Linus Club                                             Mrs. Blanco: M-4, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
Project Linus is a national non-profit organization that provides new blankets for children in need. These blankets provide a sense of security, warmth and comfort for children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. Blankets are created and distributed locally to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere that a child might be in need of a big hug. Student volunteers, known as “Blanketeers” may contribute their time to a worthy cause by joining the Project Linus Club. No sewing or knitting skills are required. Just a big heart!
Product Design Club                                         Mr. Borish: J-3, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
Students create designs for T-shirts and print them out. The goal is to create a product and raise funds by selling them.
Red Cross                                                           Mrs. Bae: S-1, Meets first and last Mondays of month @ lunch
A nationally recognized community service club. The goal of Red Cross is to make our community and the world a better place and a place where young people will develop leadership skills. Red Cross school clubs help the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission. Students will discover opportunities for self-development and will be involved in activities that fulfill the community’s greatest needs.
Robotics                                     Mrs. Hughes: Q-2, Meets Thursdays @ lunch & Fridays 3-5pm
This is a club where students can experience science and technology real life applications while working together as a group with a common goal. It promotes teamwork, self-confidence, gracious professionalism and leadership, while competing against other schools across the county. Robotics demonstrates the value of individual diversity, combined creativity, and positive achievements.
Singer Songwriter Club             Mr. Bailey: Band Room, Meets Tuesdays & Fridays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Société Honoraire de Français                         Ms. Perez: Q-9, Meets every other Friday @ lunch
It is the French Honor Society, open to students in their second semester of French 2 and higher. They must have at least an A- in French in order to participate. Meetings are conducted entirely in French and include interesting activities related to promoting and understanding of Francophone culture from around the world.
Special Olympics                   INACTIVE
Speech and Debate                                            Mrs. Nishioka: F-43, Meets Mondays @ lunch
Hart Speech and Debate is a competitive speech team that competes in four different types of debates, twelve different speech categories, and student congress. Our season extends from October to May. Please see Club Advisor for information.
Star Wars Club                                                    Mr. Howard: F-11, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch
Come and learn about the ways of the Force.  Padawan, Jedi, and Sith Lords all welcome.
Stem Club                                                            Mr. Borish: J-3, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
The STEM Club gives students the chance to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math, while increasing their knowledge of STEM careers.
Tennis Club                                                           Hardbarger: Tennis court, Meets Thursdays @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
The Tribe                                                              Ms. Parra: D-6, TBD
The Tribe is the student section for football and basketball games. They may also attend other sporting events to support Hart. The Tribe supports cheerleaders during the games -- participating in the cheers, getting the crowds excited about the games, and generally having fun.
Truth Be Told                                                       Ms. Lee: M-3, Meets Thursdays @ lunch.
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Ultimate Frisbee                                                  Mr. Walker: J-6, Meets Tuesdays @ lunch.
Please see Club Advisor for information.
Women in Business                INACTIVE
Young Americans For Freedom Chapter          Mr. Krusey: M-5, Meets every other Tues. @ lunch
Please see Club Advisor for more information.
Updated 3/12/19