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How to obtain a Work Permit

Things to know about work permits


  • Work permits must be obtained by any student under the age of 18 who has a job.
  • A student needs a new work permit every time they begin a new job.
  • All work permits expire at the start of the school year and must be renewed even if this student has not changed jobs.
  • If a student works without a work permit they are subject to losing their job and the employer may be fined up to $500 each day the student worked without a permit.


How to obtain a work permit


  • Get a Request for Work Permit (Forms are available in the assistant principal's office lobby)
  • Complete the “Minor Information” section
  • Have your supervisor at work complete the “Employer section”.  Make sure they sign it!
  • Have a parent/guardian sign the application.
  • Bring the completed application to Ms. De Fazio in the assistant principal's office..
  • You will have to return the following day at brunch to sign and pick-up your completed work permit.
  • Work permits are not produced on the spot.  The 24-hour turnaround time is the quickest of any high school in the district.


Reasons Work Permits May be Denied or Revoked


  • Parent/Guardian requests revocation of work permit
  • Student has poor school attendance
  • Student has poor school achievement
  • Student has discipline issues at school.



Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Hagman


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