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Principal's Message

With the first semester coming to close, I would like to ask parents to encourage their students to buckle down and finish strong in their classes.  Final exams are right around the corner, but it is still not too late to take advantage of the time we have left.  Students can still participate in lunch, after school, and Late Start Wednesday (11/30) intervention sessions with our teachers to get that extra bit of help down the home stretch. 


Teachers have had a number of requests for early final exams from families who may be traveling over the holidays.  Our policy for the fall semester is not to administer early final exams; instead, any student who misses a final exam will receive a grade of “Incomplete” at the semester for that course, and will have the opportunity to contact the teacher during the first four weeks of the spring semester to take the final exam and receive the appropriate letter grade for the class.  The finals schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, December 13
Finals          Period 1        7:00 - 9:00
                     Period 2        9:15 - 11:15
                     Lunch          11:15 - 11:55
                     Period 7       12:00 - 2:00

Wednesday, December 14
Finals          Period 3          8:00 - 9:55
                     Brunch           9:55 - 10:25
                     Period 4       10:30 - 12:25

Thursday, December 15 – last day of fall semester
Finals          Period 5          8:00 - 9:55
                     Brunch           9:55 - 10:25
                     Period 6        10:30 - 12:25

Friday, December 16        Teacher Work Day – No students

I would like to thank our students and teachers for a great first half of the school year. Besides all of the impressive work happening inside the classroom, we saw a lot of great achievements by our fall athletes and our performing arts students. I cannot wait to see what the second half of the year has in store for us!

We are Alive with Pride!

Collyn J. Nielsen